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The Quick Test Professional Fast Track.

  • Does Your Company Need QTP Training?

  • Are you trying to maximise the benefits and use of your QTP Investment?

  • Been told QTP is not compatible with your Application Under Test or unsuitable for use with your development and deployment methods?

    If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please read on:

After careful selection of your Automation Test tool you will need an expert who has done this kind of thing before to carefully implement a Test Architecture that will provide you with a starting point that will provide immediate and longterm benefits and save many man years of wasted effort.

A number of clients have spent hundreds of man months attempting to get some use out of QTP only to let the product fall into disuse and effectively become shelfware.

Don't let this happen to your company! But if it has there is hope. We have been to QTP sites that have failed to the tune of millions of pounds and many man years of effort and have been able to transform automated testing from this kind of disaster to a resounding sucess. So much so that the approach used enabled the developers to regressoin test their code and more QTP licenses had to be purchased.

Our Application Framework has been proven time and time again to provide the following common benefits:

  • Test Scripts can be used for both Manual and Automated testing

  • Test Analysts do not need to be QTP trained.

  • The number of QTP specialists required is significantly reduced.

  • The Number of QTP Licenses required is significantly reduced.
  • Test Script development is faster

  • QTP ROI is far higher than normal QTP testing houses.

  • Use of QTP in other Business areas increases QTP leverage.

  • Our QTP frameworks have been developed over many years and have been extended, customised and adapted for use with many IT applications.

  • Our frameworks permits the extensive testing of non-windows applications as well as the convetional Web and windows applications.

Here are some of ways in which you and your company can benefit:

  • We can train you in core QTP competencies which will get you productive in weeks rather than months.

  • We can supply you with one of our core Test Automated Frameworks so you can get an immediate start. This package includes an optional 1 week on site consultancy which must be used within 30 days of purchase.

  • We can provide on Site Consultancy to permit Higher management to grasp the benefits of our approach.

  • We can provide On site consultants to pioneer the implementation and prove the concept and benefits of the approach.

In the first instance Call or Email us with QTP Fast Track as the subject:

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Optimal Starting Position:

Our QTP training is strictly for people with programming experience and with basic QTP experience.

Our Test analyst training is suitable for people with reasonable Manual testing experience.

One or two days with High level IT Directors and Project managers to get them up to speed on the benefits we will provide to staff and team members.

We recommend that one or two staff with senior QTP experience be selected to form the QTP Centre of Excellence (QCE). This team will be trained in QTP and one of our frameworks will be adapted to suit your AUT's and these staff will be mentored in the development and use of the framework.

The Test analysts who will work in conjunction with the QCE will be trained in test script design and implementation.


Who shouldn't apply for a place...

There are definitely some people or companies who should NOT apply for our products or training. No offence, but if any of these describe you, well...you should probably not be on this web page...

You have already been using QTP, you have a heavy investment in current scripts, You have a heavy maintenance test overhead with loads of overtime to get things ready. This is the last product you want your boss to see. Get your Internet security staff to block this page.

Please don't apply for a QTP Fast Track place if you are looking for a magical solution that will solve your problems overnight. We recommend an initial proof of concept or pilot project to build your confidence which should take between 4 and 10 weeks. This will pull out other testing requirements and lead to a second phase expanding on the achievements of the first phase.

This all contributes to your companies Quality aims and objectives and will reduce the time to market of high integrity and better tested products.

Don't apply if you're hoping we will do everything for you. We want to give you value and we simply do not know your business. We will of course raise issues and advise, but your analysts will know what needs to be done - we enable them to do their jobs much more effectively.

Automated testing is an area in which tremendous gains and ROI can be made even on products which have short life times. You just have to know how.

This course is for serious testing shops (or serious but inexperienced Software engineers) who knows that it takes work and knowledge to become a Software engineer producing a high quality tested product or solution. If you are willing to put in the effort, then the QTP Fast Track is the blue print you need to build your automated test career or to pioneer automated testing with QTP in your company.


Let us tell you why..

All of us are terrified of bug identification...

Most modern software developers like coding and leaving things for the test team to complain. Most test teams are inexperienced and have no concept of quality, what should be and is not etc etc. As a result many defects - or as some software providers often say, features of the software are left to hit the end user. The naïve test engineer may raise a suspect bug but the developer will often take this personally and have a vendetta against the test team and other such issues which result in a reluctance to report bugs.

Bug identification, defect reporting and tracking are essentially the radar of software development. Without these key processes your reputation as a software development shop will plummet. Your internal costs will soar and your ability to get a quality product to market in a timely fashion will be severely hampered. You never get a second chance to get it right first time and in the climate of just in time delivery we often see that delivery is just too late.

Automated testing is often seen as being restricted to regression testing where returns can be easily demonstrated to management. However with the right approach it is possible to apply an approach to manual test script development which permits automated execution by an enhanced QTP Fast Track Solution framework.

Strange as it may seem, the additional work required to automatically test any computer solution is often significantly less than that required to manually test the same system. There may of course be exceptions due to bizarre resourcing situations but in most cases we have found this to be the case.

Pitfalls when working with Manual testers.

It is often difficult, if not impossible to prove that the manual tester did the testing required, on the appropriate test environment and correctly.

Defects raised often have missing evidence and developers are unable to reproduce the problem leading to longer times to achieve quality gate requirements.

Automated testing overcomes all these uncertainties and gives the software development manager a greater confidence. Depending upon the extent of the defects and the impact, manual testing will require the whole series of tests to be repeated - and this may continue for a number of cycles as other defects are noticed.

Automated testing using an appropriate test framework provides the software development manager with a powerful enhancement to his QA arsenal. It gives him a confident tool to quickly run selected tests as well as many of the steps required to prepare for testing. Journals can be made and audits taken permitting more powerful defect diagnosis.

Let's begin with an eternal truth that will never change; most of us fail to succeed because, quite simply, we fail to act. So why is that? Unfortunately most of us are held back by fear: fear of looking foolish, the fear of “what they might say”, and the fear of making a mistake. And automated testing is no exception.

It doesn't matter HOW much theory you know, if you DON'T apply it, you can have no chance of success. We are in a battle against time and we have to repeatedly make ground (test coverage) fast.

The only way is to make sure your test agent, whether manual or automated, carries out the task perfectly and as fast as possible. When the pressure is on mistakes are made and often the evidence of correct testing of the AUT is marred resulting in delayed software delivery.

Unless You take ACTION now, You will never see the quality gains your competitors will see and the benefits of faster delivery of a quality tested product to market will be lost every product cycle. The sooner you start the sooner you will recieve the rewards -

  • Lowert testing costs,

  • faster testing cycles,

  • better coverage,

  • improved quality of developer software deliveries etc.

But it's not about what we think...

What do other Software Implementors say about our Products?

Just in case you didn't realise, we've not only been successful software developers for years, but we've also helped other software developers improve their product quality, reliability and time to market.

Here's just a flavour of some of the feedback we have received over the recent years.

We are of course delighted by our customer feedback:

The QTP Fast Track programme has certainly given us additional impetuous and courage to press ahead. We can see for certain that we are really making significant progress now - instead of producing unending test scripts needing continual maintenance. Things are going really well.


Just a quick note to thank you for your input to my project. Peter and I are both confident that it is a valuable contribution you have made, and we will be able to progress things here to have a more automated testing regime.


Well, you said it could be done and you've done it. Mercury experts thought QTP was unsuitable for our rapidly changing web sites, but you made it all fly. Simply Brilliant and you integrated it all with Quality Centre. Amazing.

We can't believe why your solution hasn't been used before. Now we see it in action there simply isn't a better way to proceed. Of course, as you say, specialist testing can be done without the framework, but we want to use it for that too!


This is true Keyword driven testing as it was meant to be.


Who could have believed our test productivity could have quadrupled almost overnight. No serious application developer should be without your testing frameworks.


Clients include: Reuters, BA, Ufi, BP, Shell, Nortel, BHI, MFI, DfT, etc

So what is The QTP Fast Track?

If you are a software product manager or involved in any part of any solutions provider involving any software system we are sure you'll find the QTP Fast Track as exciting as we do.

And no matter at what stage of your product cycle you are in or from a personal perspective no matter what stage your software engineering career is, it seems that every one wants to know:

  • How can I Maximise ROI from any existing manual tests?

  • How can I Maximise ROI from any existing QTP tests?

  • How can I Maximise ROI from any new and future QTP tests?

  • What must I do before embarking on a new project or green field QTP Site?

  • What should be considered before I automate any testing.

  • What must I do before embarking on a new project?

  • PLEASE, PLEASE can you help me…..?

  • PLUS much more expertise gained by staff with diverse on the job experience

In the first instance Call or Email us with QTP Fast Track as the subject:

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