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Services provided by STS Ltd.

STS provides consulting services across the whole software development cycle. We offer consultancy to identify project areas that can benefit from bespoke application development or automation and help select the most suitable tools and process to provide solutions which are fit for use.

Application Migration Services

Applications can be migrated to locations in the same country or overseas and can involve the upgrade of hardware, operating systems and software versions. STS Ltd understands all of the functional and performance implications of such a move, and provides a seamless end-to-migration service.

Bespoke Software Development

STS has designed and developed real time database solutions for a number of clients including FT, Reuters, Nortel (Formerly Northern Telecom), Nuclear Electricity, London Electricity, Marc Rich,
Our Staff have experience with the following languages: C, C++, C#, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, SNOBOL, VB, VBscript, JavaScript. We have undertaken work in the following arenas: Stock/Share dealing exchanges, Message Switching, MQ, SAP, Siebel, Oil, Commodities, Local Authorities, Global synchronisation, Chinese walls, CRM, Mail logging and Control.

Functional Testing

We can provide inhouse or onsite test teams to conduct both manual or automated testing of your IT solution. We offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective testing of new and upgraded systems which is essential for firms to maintain their competitive positions. STS provides comprehensive functional test solutions for IT systems ranging from standard COTS packages, bespoke business applications through to real-time mission critical switched network systems and to Disaster tolerant and global catastrophe tolerant solutions.

STS have developed a propriety Test Automation framework for Quick Test Professional (QTP). This framework allows for both manual and automated usage and allows STS clients to deskill the QTP test automation process. This permits STS Clients to make higher returns on investment (ROI) than other test automation frameworks (TAF).

For Quick test professional we offer our QTP Fast Track automation framework as well as QTP Training beyond Mercury / HP's Advanced QTP training course.

IT Project Management

STS has consultants with experience of Global roll outs of Siebel CRM solutions, Global newsagency systems, Handling the largest web based teaching implmentation in the world with up to a million on line users. STS Management specialise in:

  1. Auditing all aspects of Technical Project Sign off.

  2. Managing systems integration of multi-vendor applications ,

  3. Full project life cycle,

Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testing validates how well the application under test is delivered to the end user. This type of testing determines the performance, resilience and integrity of the application under load, ensures that operational viability of the system in various failure scenarios as well as any external attacks. STS has a wealth of experience in carrying out many different types of non-functional testing assignments.

Training and Consultancy

Training can be carried out at our offices, your offices or any other suitable location. We can cover the basics of programming but our specialism is going beyond normal programming. We push you and your staff to think beyond the problem, beyond the tool.

Systems and Operations Management

STS has consultants with over 25 years IT experience in Systems and operations Management with VMS NT and Unix / Linux platforms running multiple applications and databases including ORACLE, ADABAS, RDB, SQL Server, MY SQL, INGRES. We specialise in:

  1. Techniques in accelerating overnight batch jobs,

  2. Enabling operational recoverability,

  3. Implementing fault and disaster tolerant non-stop solutions etc.

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