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Test Automation Framework for QTP.

STS Ltd have developed a comprehensive solution for all its electronic and ecommerce clients which provides all the benefits of other solution providers in one comprehensive but simple and easy to extend test automation framework.

Our frame work goes beyond low level keyword, action, event or model driven testing to incorporate Application (AUT), functional and business requirements based testing solutions that both manual testers and automation tools can execute.

The approach allows the automation engine to be driven in a variety of ways to provide coverage and to provide selective and flexible adaption to testing needs that all out clients need from time to time. Indeed our approach is so radical that the test script maintenance nightmare that often turns test tools into shelf ware is eradicated and the business investment redeemed. Just like the old man attending an auction where a dusty violin is going for a song. The man sees what is going on and walks to the front as the audience and auctioneer pause wonderingly as the old man respectfully lifts the instrument, carefully dusts it off and after making tuning adjustments starts to play a beautiful piece of music that brings a tear to the eyes of many in the audience. As he finishes he carefully returns the instrument and now the auctioneer continues: "Who will give me three thousand" and then there is a furore of frantic bidding…

You see if the automation tool is placed in the right hands and used in the right way the benefits could turn around any development or systems integration project. We know, we have seen it many times. We will train your staff to use the test instruments in ways even the instrument suppliers do not reveal. We show you how to leverage test tools way beyond their expected return on investment.

Let us help you implement our flexible and extensible test framework in your organization. This will allow your business to:

    • Noticeably Increase its ROI - and this beyond normal testing

    • Decrease your implementation timescales or time to market

    • Significantly improve test reusability and enhance and extend the effects of test automation

    • Extend test coverage and improve output

    • Provide clear, well ordered and structured procedures for all testing personnel

    • Enhance the motivation of your testing staff

    • Significantly improve managerial control over quality and testing

Contact STS today to arrange a briefing, based on your unique requirements, and find out how we can work closely with you to deliver a complete, low-cost turnkey test automation solution.

All businesses are different with different back end solutions, database solutions, External interfaces, business and technical requirements as well as unique development and test environments. We at STS have worked with varied business types and infrastructures to provide an automation test architecture that is flexible, extendable and delivers.

In the first instance Call or Email us with QTP Fast Track as the subject:

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